Bringing happiness to hospitalized children

When you buy PolVita products, you are helping to bring happiness to hospitalized children. In fact, Pollet is committed to donating 5% of the sales revenue from the PolVita line products.

At the launch of the PolVita line, which is dedicated to protective probiotic cleaning, the Pollet company has decided to support Rire Médecin in France and the Cliniclowns in Belgium. To this end, 5% of the product line’s sales revenue on the French and Belgian markets will be donated to Le Rire Médecin or Cliniclowns.

A meaningful partnership between the cleaning company, which aims to protect health, and these two associations, which work to help children and their families to better fight against disease.


In addition, at the Europropre exhibition from April 16-18, 2019, Pollet had thought of a fun initiative to mobilize their customers around their commitment to Le Rire Médecin. They invited every visitor to their stand to be photographed with a red nose, a Polvita frame and a member of the Pollet team. For any photo, an additional 5€ was donated to Le Rire Médecin! In the end, they took a total of 170 photos and the donation to Le Rire Médecin reached 850€.