Stand out with protective probiotics

How Pollet’s products have helped Solu-Net taking a head start and stand out from its competitors

Jeffrey Loranger, Director of Operations at Solu-Net, tells us how Pollet products have helped him grow his janitorial services company over the past two years.

Enzysan, the beginning of long-term success

Two years ago, Solu-Net was in charge of a seniors’ residence of about 500 people. This large building included a clinic, a rehabilitation center, an optometrist and many common areas. PolBio Enzysan took care of a lot of odor problems, mainly in the bathrooms.


Pollet products have also proved their worth at the local soccer stadium, where common areas, refreshment areas, changing rooms and restrooms are regularly cleaned with Pollet products. And the management is very happy with the results.

After two years, the results are clear for Jeffrey: without the Pollet products, he might have come this far, but not so quickly.

Pollet is an integral part of our business.

PolVita Indoors, a multi-purpose product

When the PolVita line was launched, Solu-Net immediately integrated the PolVita Sanitary and Indoors into their services. Jeffrey explains why he has a particular fondness for the PolVita Indoors: “The PolVita Indoors is very multi-purpose. So I don’t need as many different products and that’s a lot less bottles to transport and store in our warehouse.” Another significant advantage for them is that the products are easy to use. Training the teams was therefore easy and quick.

With Pollet products, I offer a different service and sustainable solutions.

Standing out in a very saturated market

The competition is tough in the maintenance industry. Thanks to the Pollet products, Solu-Net stands out from its competitors by offering unique solutions on the local market. This allowed them to secure new contracts. “If I only offer disinfection, like all the other companies on the market, I’m not bringing anything new to the table”, says Jeffrey.

It is also very important to explain to customers how these probiotic products work. The metaphor he uses is as follows: “It’s like for us during the winter. The surface is exposed and is now vulnerable. So we have to saturate it with good bacteria to protect it.”

IMG_1867 - miroir

A twofold increase in sales

At the beginning of the pandemic, Solu-Net needed to adapt quickly to the new market needs. They invested in several additional sprayers, coveralls and other personal protective equipment and introduced a specific protocol that included disinfection, followed by electrostatic spraying with PolVita Air.

Jeffrey shares his secret : “Our ability to quickly offer a solution tailored to the crisis has largely contributed to our success. Our revenue has doubled in just three months. This is due to the combination of our expertise and Pollet products.”

The example of the Tour des Canadiens

This 50-story building in the heart of Montreal has 550 apartments and various common spaces. Solu-Net is responsible for the maintenance of the common areas, which they completely disinfect every other week and spray with PolVita Air every week. The manager has noticed a real difference compared to traditional products.

PolGreen Industry is used on the outdoor patio tiles and the results are beyond all expectations.

My team leader at the Tour des Canadiens doesn’t want to hear about any other products!

About Solu-Net

Solu-Net is a janitorial services company located in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec. They have been operating on the maintenance market for a little over two years, with a team of 19 janitors.

If you would like information about their services, you can contact them by email: or by phone at: (438) 497-9009.