This super-scented trio will delight your senses

The scent of a cleaning product is associated with the cleanliness of the place. It leaves your signature scent and makes the cleaning process more pleasant. If it smells clean longer, you will be remembered longer!

That’s why Pollet has developed a program of three super-scented, long-lasting cleaners with a scent for every preference:

These super-scented concentratedcleaners with strong residual power are intended for the regular maintenance and restoration of washable floors and surfaces in every sector.

All three products guarantee a superior cleaning quality – they are particularly suitable for removing stubborn stains (ink stains and others) from modern surfaces, desk tops, laminated surfaces, washable and enameled paints, telephones, fingerprints on doors, cleaning contact points (door panels, switches) etc.

They are safe for the user, which is emphasized by the lack of a risk label.