Protective emulsion - Pollet

The protection of vinyl floors or the cleaning of lino floors is an art. To make a lino, vinyl or wood floor shine, Pollet proposes two high-quality protective emulsions, without any warning label for the user, which are highly resistant to traffic.

You can choose to make your floors shinier with PolTech Ecogloss or more mat with PolTech Ecosilk. Both products shine through their capacity to spread easily, dry quickly and also through the absence of any solvent smell which often makes people dizzy when using similar products.

In addition, PolTech Ecosilk was specially designed with an innovative formula to protect worn linoleum. There is nothing better to prolong the life of your soft flooring!

For rapid restoration, we also propose PolTech Cirapid which restores shine and can be applied as a spray. This polymer-based product allows layers of wax to be applied and it is also suitable for thermoplastic floors and linoleum.

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