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The automatic washing of your dishes and your battery deserves quality hygiene and cleaning products. Pollet proposes a complete range of professional dishwasher products, designed for all levels of water hardness, and suitable for any type of professional and semi-professional dishwasher.

Anyone looking for a professional dishwasher has the choice of products with or without chlorine. All our professional dishwasher products are free from dyes and perfume and they are non-allergenic. Our strong degreasing detergents easily eliminate any type of dirt, regardless of the quality of the water. Very high-quality masking agents facilitate the rinsing and avoid scale buildup. All our products are used with an automatic dosage system that will be installed at your site by our technical team. For those who wish, we also have a powder detergent for professional dishwashers, PolTech WashSolid.

Pollet also hosts a range of rinsing liquids for professional dishwashers. All our rinsing additives are concentrated, without dyes or perfume and non-allergenic. They accelerate the drying of the dishes and your glasses. Your glasses and cutlery will be shining, without spots, from their first wash in the machine. Our rinsing agents for dishwashers contain anti-foaming surfactants that improve the efficiency of the dishwasher. All our products are perfectly suitable for washing tunnels.

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