Degreaser - Pollet

For cleaning a professional kitchen, Pollet offers a range of high-performance degreasing cleaning products.

Thanks to our in-depth biotechnological expertise, we can offer natural degreasing products for the kitchen, based on enzymes that irreversibly degrade the grease. PolBio Enzydétergent, and PolBio Enzyfloor are both efficient degreasing products for the kitchen based on enzymes, without a risk pictogram and with long term action.

We also propose powerful kitchen degreasing products, such as PolTech Power Spray or PolTech Decappol, which is used to remove any cooked fat from surfaces such as ovens, grills, pianos, fryers, hoods, kitchen floors, extraction and ventilation filters, storage surfaces or small equipment. All our professional degreasing cleaning products are certified for surfaces in contact with food.

The basic product for professional degreasing is PolTech Grease Spray: a degreasing cleaning spray for the kitchen which eliminates all grease during the daily cleaning of the surfaces.

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