Do not mix

Don’t play the little chemist! You cannot improvise with chemistry.

Even if you wear any possible and imaginable PPE (personal protective equipment), you should never mix products because their reactions to each other can be very dangerous. For example, if you take a chlorinated product and put it in contact with an acidic product, it would create a gas that is very toxic to humans (chlorine).

Familiarize yourself with the technical documents provided with the product. There are actually three sources of information:

  • the label
  • the technical specifications
  • and the safety data sheet
PolVita Neutral protective probiotic cleaner for all surfaces

The product label is on the packaging.

Sur celle-ci vous retrouverez les informations suivantes:

  • product name,
  • its purpose,
  • the dosage and method of application,
  • information about the dangers of the product
  • precautions to be taken when handling, using and storing it,
  • and what to do in the event of an accident.

To make your life easier, Pollet also puts a QR Code on each of its labels. By scanning it on your smartphone, you will find the latest version of the product’s technical specifications and safety data sheet.


The technical specifications of the product are available on the company’s website and also via the QR Code displayed on the product label.

On this sheet you will find:

  • the conditions of use of the product,
  • the main characteristics of the product (pH, color, scent,…)
  • detailed instructions for use of the product
  • the different existing packaging for this product

The safety data sheet is the identity card of the product. It is available on the website and via the QR Code displayed on the product label.

On this form you will find 16 important sections containing information such as:

  • hazard identification,
  • first aid,
  • fire-fighting measures,
  • measures in the event of accidental dispersion,
  • personal protection,

Remember, mixing cleaning products is potentially dangerous to humans, it is an environmental hazard when you discharge this mixture, and it can also cause economic losses.