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Problems with health, odor, or even overall cleanliness? Thérèse Théberge, President and Account Manager of C.T. Entretien Général, shares her experience with PolVita Air micro-spray in the current context of this pandemic.

The gastroenteritis and influenza epidemics

C.T. Entretien Général has a maintenance contract with the Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle refugee center. This center includes 2 dormitories of 150 people each, among other things.

In December 2019, cases of gastroenteritis and influenza appeared in the camp and spread rapidly. Thérèse then decided to focus on the use of probiotic products and added a step of PolVita Air spraying after disinfecting the premises.

As Thérèse explains, PolVita Air creates an additional, protective barrier to disinfecting. Within two weeks, the infl uenza and gastroenteritis outbreaks were under control.

“When the pandemic started in March, we simply continued, with the only difference that we went from a monthly to a weekly protection round. We disinfect and renew the probiotic protecting layer once a week, and it works”, says Thérèse.

Cleaning with spray bottle.

Application during a pandemic

At the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, C.T. Entretien Général expanded the use of PolVita Air electrostatic spraying to other worksites like municipalities, nursing homes (rest homes) and more recently to churches. In fact, these places of worship sometimes receive up to 100 people for services or funerals. It is therefore important to disinfect and also protect the premises between each service.

You can’t see the PolVita Air, but you can see the difference.

Thérèse admits that if she had not had this positive experience in the refugee camps, she might not have believed in this new type of probiotic protection and therefore would not have used it to respond to the current pandemic. She has become a fan of the product.


PolVita protects janitors

In order to protect its employees, C.T. Entretien Général has developed protocols for its employees. “Their temperature is taken every morning, we ask if they are feeling well and we provide them with masks. In addition, we recommend that they spray their clothing and the inside of their vehicle with Pollet probiotics.”

Thérèse also allows staff to use an electrostatic sprayer at home, to protect themselves and their families. There has only been one isolated case of Covid-19 in their teams since the beginning of the crisis, and nobody has been contaminated.

It is very important that our janitors feel safe.


Adopting new procedures

C.T. Entretien Général recommends systematically adding the micro-spray step to her clients after mechanical action with germicide. The company’s maintenance teams were trained by Sanix, a Quebec distributor of Pollet products, and they are all familiar with micro-spraying. “It is now part of our daily life.” Thérèse adds that they are in “Covid frequency” mode, which means cleaning more frequently, from 3 to 5 days a week at a lot of the worksites.

Destroy odors at the source

A few months ago, we conducted a PolVita Sanitary test at the refugee center of Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle to evaluate it. The product was used every two hours in both the bathrooms and the toilets. The teams in the field noticed a gradual neutralization of the odors as they used the product and a signifi cant reduction in the appearance of new odors. Since July, PolVita Sanitary has been incorporated into the offer of C.T. Entretien Général and it has been extended to other customers. The janitorial staff really likes the smell.


C.T. Entretien Général is a cleaning company located in Lacolle, Québec. They have been operating in the maintenance market for 16 years, with a team of 24 janitors.

Would you like more information about their services? Contact them by email or by phone at +1-450-524-3289.