The 21st century probiotic cleaning that protects you!

PolVita®, 21st century cleaning that redefines clean for better protection.


With 25 years of expertise in biotechnological formulations and probiotics, Pollet has selected probiotic bacteria specifically for their protective qualities.

Based on these bacteria, Pollet is the first company to offer protective probiotic cleaning. This unique technology is patented and its effectiveness is scientifically proven by independent laboratories and institutes.

How does PolVita® work?

Once the surfaces are cleaned with PolVita®, the beneficial bacteria quickly occupy the entire space and generate a protective natural microflora. This microflora makes your environment significantly cleaner and improves your well-being.

Fonctionnement des produits PolVita

Probiotic cleaning therefore protects your environment and also provides continuous cleaning and odor control.

The PolVita® selection

The innovative PolVita® selection consists of three protective cleaners, “Neutral” for floors, “Indoors” for surfaces and “Sanitary” (descaler) for the sanitary environment, and also a liquid for electrostatic spraying called “Air“. This selection is 100% ecological and extremely safe for the user.

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