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Pollet proves that PolVita probiotic-based detergents extend cleaning for at least 14 days after the initial cleaning.

In collaboration with an American university laboratory, the Toxic Use Reduction Institute (TURI), Belgian biotech company Pollet has proven that PolVita protective probiotics remain active on surfaces and continue to clean at a microscopic level for at least 14 days. The PolVita range contributes to everyone’s well-being thanks to its scientifically proven action which enables it to degrade 92% of organic dirt in only 3 days (72 hours).

The long-term protective effect of PolVita probiotic cleansers has been scientifically proven by external research centres (e.g. the independent laboratory Materia Nova – BE, and the Toxic Use Reduction Institute – TURI, USA) and by internal data.

“PolVita cleaning actively contributes to everyone’s well-being, thanks to the probiotic bacteria which take over the surface, form a protective microflora, and remain active for at least 14 days”.


Some scientific proofs

Together with world-renowned institutes, Pollet’s R&D scientists have demonstrated in various tests that the probiotic bacteria in PolVita:

  • continue to be present on surfaces long after the initial cleaning. They can digest any new dirt up to 14 days after cleaning;
  • produce a protective biofilm;
  • produce enzymes that break down (organic) dirt and use it as a source of nutrients;
  • digest 92% of the (organic) dirt in just 3 days and continue to clean surfaces for at least 14 days, at room temperature and without human intervention. This is what we call continuous cleaning.

The virtues of probiotic cleaning

” 25 years of expertise in biotechnology formulation allowed Pollet to select probiotic bacteria specifically for their protective qualities. Our team has stabilised them in high-quality cleaning products. Once the probiotic cleaning product has been applied, the POLVITA® probiotics quickly take over the room, leaving no space for other micro-organisms in the environment that might later want to take over”, explains Jean-Nicolas D’Hondt.

“PolVita thus encourages the installation of a beneficial microflora that occupy the surfaces for at least 14 days”.

PolVita protective cleaning is very easy to use: the methods are identical to those of a conventional cleaner. PolVita has an extremely limited environmental impact due to its 100% carbon-neutral production, its eco-certification, and is risk-free for the user.



About Pollet

Located in Tournai, Pollet has been renowned for more than 25 years for its solutions combining biotechnology and respect for the environment. This Belgian company is redefining the standards of sustainable chemistry by developing, manufacturing, and distributing high-performance, ecological, and biotechnological (based on enzymes and beneficial bacteria) cleaning solutions. As a pioneer in its category, Pollet’s production is 100% carbon neutral since 2017.

With 50 employees, the SME offers innovative solutions to cleaning companies, local authorities, the food- and non-food industry. In addition to France and Belgium, Pollet is expanding internationally by exporting its production to 18 countries.