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Biotechnology to support professional cleaning

Nature is a true source of inspiration in the area of scientific research. Biotechnology consists of reproducing beneficial characteristics observed in nature and integrating them into practical everyday applications. For more than 25 years, Pollet has been developing innovative biotechnological cleaning products to support professional cleaning.

Microorganisms at your service

Our biotechnological cleaners integrate three types of micro-organisms:

  • Beneficial (or probiotic) bacteria capable of producing enzymes and digesting dirt
  • Enzymes, which break down dirt into smaller segments.
  • Natural organic acids, with strong descaling properties
Biotechnologist examine the plant samples in the laboratory

Biotechnology vs. traditional chemistry

Biotechnological products resolves problems that traditional chemistry cannot resolve. Their capacities are particularly adapted in:

Our probiotic and enzyme products also present limited risks for users. Even better, the presence of micro-organisms improves the quality of your waste water. And bacteria and enzymes will continue to digest dirt well after you have finished cleaning.