A powerful, ready-to-use sanitary detergent spray

The champion in sanitary cleaning is now available as a spray.

The PolTech 4D, a powerful disinfectant, descaling and sanitary deodorant, is now available in a ready-to-use 750ml spray bottle .

PolTech 4D Spray disinfectant descaling detergent

The benefits of the PolTech 4D Spray:

  • Provides disinfection and deodorization, as well as cleaning and descaling in one single action
  • Descales and cleans effortlessly
  • Powerful detergent thanks to its high concentration
  • Pure pH: 2.0
  • Antibacterial (EN1040 & EN1276)
  • Time saving: contact time only 5 minutes
  • For cleaning without streaks
  • Superior cleaning quality
  • For all washable surfaces, including glass, plastic, metal, varnished wood, mirrors…
  • Biodegradable product (CE 648/2004)
  • Pine scent pleasant
  • Ready-to-use product

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